• 11:16, 07/09/2019
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On September 7, 2019, CADIVI Company successfully organized the Customer Conference of Ninh Binh Province in 2019 held in Ninh Binh City - Ninh Binh Province with the participation of about 200 guests. This is an opportunity for CADIVI company to express its gratitude to dealers, electrical stores, M&E contractors, shops, electricians, .... in the North.


View of customer conference in Ninh Binh in September 2019 of CADIVI company

At the beginning of the conference, Mr. Le Tran Vinh - Director of Northern CADIVI Branch gave a speech to share the business results of the first 8 months of 2019 of the North and the goals and tasks of market development in the remaining time. In 2019, with the expected growth of doubling next year, and with the preparation to put into operation of the Northern CADIVI factory, CADIVI company will continue to have more support policies for customers. , agents in Ninh Binh-Nam Dinh-Ha Nam in particular and in the North in general.


Mr. Le Tran Vinh - Director of CN CADIVI MB speaks at the conference

Next, Mr. Le Quang Dinh - General Director of CADIVI company expressed his deep thanks for the great contributions of the agents and the enthusiastic support of customers in the North and committed to always strengthen support agents to continue bringing together brands, CADIVI products increasingly sustainable development in this market in the future. CADIVI products will be delivered to Ha Nam - Nam Dinh - Ninh Binh and the North markets more quickly with reasonable costs, so that agents can boost sales in the remaining months of 2019.


Mr. Le Quang Dinh, General Director of CADIVI Company spoke at the Conference

In response of CADIVI company, Mr. Phan Van Liem, representative of Dai Phat Trading and Service Co., Ltd made a speech at the Conference



Mr. Phan Van Liem, Representative of Dai Phat Trading & Service Co., Ltd. speaks at the Conference

Next, the CADIVI company showed a video. How do I choose a good power cable? with the desire to help consumers have the right choice of electrical cables for their electricity safety needs for their homes or constructions in the current real situation on the market with many cable products. electricity is on sale.

The conference was held intimate, cozy with performances and funny lottery program with lucky prizes.

dac_bietMr. Le Quang Dinh - General Director of CADIVI company and Mr. Phan Van Liem - Dai Phat Service Trading Co., Ltd presented special prizes to customers CH Vuong Thuynhat

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